Shavertown’s Kaitlin Sutton completing summer research at Wilkes


WILKES-BARRE — Kaitlin Sutton of Shavertown, is completing summer research at Wilkes University. Holly Frederick, associate professor of environmental engineering, earth science and geology is working with students as they study the nutrient levels in a local lake and understanding how the treatment systems in place at the lake are affecting the water quality.

The students are collecting samples in the field, measuring samples in the lab, evaluating microbiological species, creating maps from points they have collected using the GPS (Global Positioning System) equipment and the GIS (Geographic Information System) software. They are analyzing nutrients such as nitrate and phosphate and are measuring a variety of water quality parameters including pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen and conductivity.

Sutton is an environmental engineering major.

During summer 2018, more than 150 undergraduate students at Wilkes University are engaged in research. Working with faculty on meaningful research is one of the hallmarks of a Wilkes education. Students at Wilkes have all of the educational opportunities of a large university in the mentoring culture of a small college.