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Mike Murray - Publisher

About Mike Murray:

Mike Murray is a senior executive who has over 45 years’ experience, with a diverse sales and marketing background in print and digital media, including newspapers and magazines. In addition to his publishing roles, Murray has served as President of a full-service advertising agency specializing in the financial field, Senior Vice President for a major publicly traded media concern, Vice President for a private media company, and Managing Partner for a private consulting firm, with an emphasis on management restructuring and cost containment. Murray also has served as a partner in a small media group.
He has been instrumental in developing and leading consumer-related services and has been nationally recognized for his work in the media industry. Murray also has been a member of both industry and non-industry-related boards and has been a featured speaker on newspaper development.

Dotty Martin - Suburban Editor

About Dotty Martin:

Dotty Martin is the Times Leader Media Group's suburban editor, where she oversees content for the Abington Journal, Dallas Post and Sunday Dispatch. Dotty has also been a sportswriter, assistant Lifestyles editor and Special Projects Coordinator at the Times Leader.  Dotty lives in Forty Fort and is active in the community as a volunteer for the Luzerne County Youth Aid Panel Program, the Wyoming Valley Children’s Association, Victory Sports League and the Northeast Advisory Council of Step by Step.

Eileen Godin - Reporter

About Eileen Godin:

Eileen Godin is the Times Leader Media Group's reporter covering the Back Mountain. Eileen’s a Wyoming Valley native who has worked for the Times Leader as a correspondent for many years. Eileen’s strength is her versatility: She has written for our news, features and business sections.

Jimmy Fisher - Reporter/Community News Group

About Jimmy Fisher:

Jimmy Fisher is a 2013 graduate of Misericordia University where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications. Prior to Misericordia, he spent two years at Luzerne County Community College where he graduated in 2011 after earning his Associate's Degree in Journalism.
Jimmy served as a correspondent for the Times Leader sports department from 2011-2014 before joining the Sunday Dispatch full-time as a news reporter in the summer of 2014.
A Berwick native, Jimmy likes to use his spare time participating in various forms of martial arts such as Jiu-Jitsu and Thai Boxing. He is also an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Jill Andes - Media Sales Consultant

About Jill Andes:

Jill Andes is a Media Sales Consultant for the Dallas Post. She has worked at the Times Leader since 2008. She graduated from King’s College with a degree in mass communication and Spanish, during which time she also interned at the Times Leader. The Hazleton native lives in Shavertown with her fiancee. She enjoys bar tending, home-remodeling projects and traveling.