Only Yesterday: Arthur Shook knocked down by pickup truck in 1948

Compiled by Kim Rollman - For Dallas Post

20 YEARS AGO — 1998

Hat Day, one of the most popular annual theme days sponsored by Dallas Middle School Council, was recently held in order to increase school spirit. Students, faculty and staff were encouraged to wear their favorite hats. Prizes were awarded to those students who were judged to have brought in the best hats. Eighth grade winners were Whitney McOwen, Joey Kupstas, Brian Moretti, Maria Bednash and Jeff Jumper.

Students at Westmoreland Elementary School collected breakfast food for the Back Mountain Food Bank as a Valentine’s Day project. The program was organized by Karen Mertz and Lynne Kozak. Some of the students who participated are Hailey Garney, Olivia Dworak, Devon McMahon, Jeremy Kizer, Nicky Baiamonte, Debra Ketchner, Katie Gilligan, Danny Fasulka, Damon Marth, Becky Darling and Billy Capozzi. The entire school participated.

30 YEARS AGO — 1988

18-year old Mark Schmoll of Dallas has been bowling in a man’s scratch league for the past three years with two goals in mind – roll a perfect game and hit a 700 series. Last Monday night in the Roth Novelty-Back Mountain Bowl League, Schmoll achieved both goals. Ironically, despite Schmoll’s outstanding performance, his team lost that game to their opponents. When Schmoll hit his ninth consecutive strike, bowers on the lanes stopped bowling and watched Schmoll come up in the 10th frame. The young bowler appeared composed as he threw three perfect strikes to achieve his goals.

Lehman Cub Pack 241 recently held its Pinewood Derby at the Lehman Jackson Elementary School. The top three winners of the Race Cars Best Overall Appearance category were first place, John Fielding, Dallas; second place, Allen Scott, Hunlock Creek; and third place, Davis San Fanandre, Hunlock Creek. The derby race winners were first place, Barry Ide, Idetown; second place, Matt Bullock, Dallas; third place, Allen Scott, Hunlock Creek; fourth place, Jeff Eyet, Shavertown; fifth place, Tom Fostock, Shavertown; and sixth place, Joey Cortegerone, Shavertown.

40 YEARS AGO —1978

Dallas girls’ varsity basketball team took the first half honors in Division II of the Wyoming Valley Girls League with a 7-0 record. Members of the team are Renee Young, Chris Reid, Liza DeWitt, Lauri Aicher, Gloria Hazeltine, Carol Kwasnik, Chris Kern, Holly Fry, Nora Barlow, Leslie Wolfe, Michele Kravitsky, Maurita Gries and Rose Moorehead. Mrs. Jane Stitzer is coach.

Dallas Band Parents recently presented jackets to the majorettes, strutters and band members who will graduate in June. Majorettes who received jackets are Michele Riegel, Dawn Davenport, Cindy Asby, Laurie Santarelli, Gail Pratt, Alison Davis and Kathy Bonawitz.

50 YEARS AGO —1968

Cub Scout Pack 241 of Lehman Methodist Church held its first annual Pinewood Derby Race last month. Trophies and ribbons were awarded to Eddie Oncay, first place winner, and Howard Kocher, second place winner. Third place ribbons were awarded to Billy Stoerrle and Ricky Angelicolo.

Richard H. Demmy, UGI Vice President and General Manager of Luzerne Electric presented a Pennsylvania Electric Association check to Mrs. Nancy Goeringer, Home Economics Teacher at Dallas High School. The check represents the Electric Association’s second prize awarded to the Dallas Senior High School Food Service Class for its demonstration in January at the Farm Show in Harrisburg. Among the student participants in the demonstration, which featured the use of electrical appliance, were Emma Lou Kitchen, Irene Murray, Michael Fuller and Herbert Berger.

60 YEARS AGO —1958

A third Back Mountain Home-Making student is in the race for Betty Crocker Home-Maker of Tomorrow. Sandra Engelman, senior student at Lake-Noxen, excelled over other home-making students taking the examination December 3, and may now try for State and National honors along with Cecelia Mazonkey, of Lehman-Jackson-Ross, and Ruth Clark, of Dallas-Franklin-Monroe.

Eleven senior students at College Misericordia started practice teaching last Thursday in Back Mountain Schools, embarking upon the required classroom experience necessary for graduation as teachers in elementary and secondary schools. At Westmoreland High School, student teachers are: Pauline Kuykendall, Carolyn Farrell, Barbara Aszuk, Mrs. Terry Hamilton and Mary Ann Coveleski.

Stephen Schmaltz was chosen president and Arthur Kingston, vice president at the meeting of Back Mountain Horseman’s Club held in the Lehman Hose House recently. Other officers elected were: Mrs. Stephen Schmaltz, secretary, and Ms. John Jackson, treasurer. All will assume their duties in April.

70 YEARS AGO — 1948

Knocked down by a pickup truck as he was pumping gasoline in front of the store, Arthur Shook, clerk at Shook’s Store, Centermoreland, received painful bruises Saturday afternoon. The truck, driven by Levi Brown, 80, apparently became unmanageable as Mr. Brown drew up in front of the store. Mr. Shook was taken to his home where he still remains in bed under the treatment of Dr. C.G. Perkins of Trucksville.

Mrs. Florence Schelb, a graduate of Ann May School of Nursing, Neptune, N.J., in 1934, has been appointed school nurse at Lake Township Schools. A temporary health room has been established in the Laketon Building and will be equipped as rapidly as possible.

Louis T. Wilcox has been elected chairman of the newly-formed Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company. At a recent organization meeting held in Rome School House on the coldest night of the year, forty property owners of the township met to lay plans for the company and to elect officers. Edward Kropp was elected vice chairman; Norman Smith, secretary; and James Twaddle, treasurer.

Compiled by Kim Rollman

For Dallas Post

The Dallas Post is 129 years old. Information printed here appears exactly as it was first reported.

The Dallas Post is 129 years old. Information printed here appears exactly as it was first reported.