Zach Paczewski and Joey Peters lead Yankees to Little League win


Yankees 15

Rockies 0

Zach Paczewski and Joey Peters combined on a no-hitter to lead the Yankees through the first round of the playoffs. Sam Barrouk went 4-for-4 with two homers and two doubles to lead the offense. Barrouk’s double ended the game on the 15-run rule in the bottom of the fourth. Joey Peters, Maddock Watkins, Sean Maruch and Nathan Heffron added two hits each.

Yankees 10

Rangers 0

Zach Paczewski, Joey Peters and Sam Barrouk combined on a two-hit shutout and provided two hits each to the offense. A.J. Borkert also had a hit. Ben Fenster struck out five in three innings for the Rangers.

Joey Peters and Sean Maruch each had four hits to lead a 19-hit attack. Maddock Watkins and Dylan Geskey added three hits while Zach Paczewski had two. Sam Barrouk, Maruch and Nathan Heffron combined to hold the Dodgers to two runs on six hits. Nathan Hinsdale had two hits for the Dodgers and struck out eight.

Yankees 6

Giants 0

Joey Peters had a home run, triple and double to drive in four runs. Zach Paczewski struck out nine in five innings. Sean Maruch struck out two in the sixth. Brady Law struck out eight for the Giants.

Yankees 5

Dodgers 1

Zach Paczewski struck out 10 and had three hits, including a home run. Maddock Watkins had two hits in the win. Nate Hinsdale struck out seven for the Dodgers.

Yankees 9

Rockies 5

Joey Peters struck out six and had two hits for the Yankees. Maddock Watkins had three hits, including a double, and Zach Paczewski added two hits in the win. Alex Aiello had a double and single while Jack Dale also had two hits for the Rockies.