Your voice: Country needs to turn back to God


Reading the article last Sunday “Changes in American religion” by James A. Haught reminds me of reading Time Magazine in my high school library stating, “God is Dead.”

I know you don’t “shoot the messenger,” but that was a wake-up call. Twenty-five percent of Americans have no religion. That is higher than any religion in the U.S.

So sad because our country was based upon God. Before the first presidential inauguration in New York City, Congress passed a resolution that after the swearing in of the president, all the government officials shall praise God and attend a religious service.

We are blessed with being a diverse nation, untied by a belief that, no matter what religion, there is a supreme being.

Yes we are diverse, but it should led us to togetherness, and not separate us.

The Bill of Rights gives us freedom of religion and yes, freedom from religion.

Studies predict that by the next generation, America will have more than 50 percent of its population not practicing a religion.

I hope and pray the trend reverses itself. God is not dead, he lives in all of us.

God Bless America.

Jim Gaughan