Letter to the Editor: Keep woods tranquil for a day; oppose expansion of Sunday hunting

I am writing to encourage readers to contact their state representatives and senators to oppose the bill introduced by state Rep. Frank Farina, D-Jessup, to repeal the ban on Sunday hunting of deer and turkey.

The 95 percent of state residents who engage in outdoor hobbies that do not involve killing animals for personal entertainment need at least one day in which the woods are quiet and safe to hike in with our dogs, and to pursue other non-violent endeavors.

Farina points to additional revenue that would supposedly be raised by allowing Sunday hunting, but excludes from his analysis the lost revenue from hikers, nature photographers, mushroom collectors and other users of the woods who will avoid it because of the danger and noise of Sunday hunting.

Farmers also oppose Sunday hunting because of constant trespassing and the lack of a break from the gunfire experienced by their animals.

It’s time that the 95 percent stop letting the 5 percent determine what can be done in the woods and what animals get to live or die. And it’s time for the woods to be put to uses that do not involve pain, suffering and death.

Garry S. Taroli