Letter to the Editor: Harveys Lake residents deserve government with ‘fiscal responsibility,’ says council candidate

Democrat Michelle Boice of Harveys Lake has submitted a letter to the editor that has portrayed the Republican candidates for Harveys Lake Council as not applying for vacated positions in the community, not going to council meetings and not being active in the community.

I addressed this with the council at its monthly meeting on Oct. 20, and Michelle was present at this meeting.

First and foremost, I applied for two positions in writing over the last four years, one for the sewer authority and just recently for the vacated council position. I attend council meetings and have spoken to Michelle afterward. I am also the commander of the Harveys Lake Sons of the American Legion, which is very active in the community, sponsoring events such as the annual children’s fishing derby that provides over 100 kids with fishing poles, prizes and food.

I give the current council due credit for the things Michelle mentioned in her letter. What she forgot to mention was that the grant “applied to the cost” of the new prefabbed police station will not come close to covering the expense, leaving the residents of Harveys Lake to cover the rest. The price difference is well over $100,000.

The people I am running with on the Republican ticket on Nov. 3 believe the residents of Harveys Lake deserve fiscal responsibility.

Bernie Ozovek


Harveys Lake Borough Council