Letter to the Editor: Harveys Lake made progress under our watch, says incumbent council candidate

I’m running for re-election to Harveys Lake Borough Council along with Tom Kehler and Ed Kelly. When we were elected four years ago we made tough decisions and turned a deficit into a surplus.

We led by example, giving up our monthly council stipend and then freezing wages and stopping all unnecessary spending. We hired an independent firm to assume the collection of the mounting unpaid garbage fee debt. We adopted the International Building Maintenance Code and contracted a firm to oversee its enforcement. Several dilapidated structures were torn down in a very short period of time.

We joined the Back Mountain Council of Governments, which allows us to share costly equipment along with many other benefits, including the ability to compete for grants for which smaller communities have difficulty qualifying.

It’s impossible to list four years of accomplishments in one letter, but we’ve tackled some very difficult issues! We fought hard to keep our police station at the entrance to the lake, including working through a lot of red tape. We’ll finally have a brand new police station on our own lot. The contract was awarded and signed in August, and the foundation is to be put into place the first week of November. The pre-fab building will be placed thereon shortly after. Grant money has been approved to be applied to the cost.

Another grant was used to make long-needed repairs to the only borough-owned dirt road. Other grants have been used in the ongoing effort to keep our lake clean and help with stormwater runoff in various sections of the lake, thanks to the continued efforts of our EAC members. Equipment updates have been made, including a police cruiser and a backhoe.

The improved economy, a watchful eye on the budget and cost-saving measures have allowed us to move the borough forward without a tax increase.

We are longtime residents of Harveys Lake who have all been active in our community for decades. Experience has helped guide us. We note that other council candidates are not active in the community, haven’t applied for any of the advertised positions on various boards that have become vacant during the last four years and do not even attend council meetings.

For continued progress, we ask for continued support of our experienced team made up of people with a proven record of community service in both elected office and civic service.

Michelle T. Boice

Harveys Lake