Letter to the Editor: New York resident recalls Dallas youth

My grandfather, William A. Higgins, managed and lived on the Newberry Estate (on Pioneer Avenue, Dallas) in a home (which is no longer there) approximately 40 feet to the right of, and slightly up the hill from, the stone-fronted cold section of the apple cellar.

My mom, Mildred Weidner (born June, 1905) and my siblings, Dick, Don and twin sister, Wilma, were also born there, delivered by Dr. Brown from Lehman Township.

In its heyday, the Estate (“Stone Acres”) was also a farm, including a large apple orchard, approximately 10 Guernsey cows (and at one time a bull) and approximately 500 chickens. There were 10 workers on the farm. Grandpa also cleaned the chicken eggs, candled (i.e. checked for spots in the yolks) and packaged them for market, in the cellar of his home.

Adjacent to the egg room, grandma ran the milk/cream separator and made butter (from the milk curds) in a large wooden bowl. Any of the extra milk, as well as apples not used on the farm were sold on a Saturday route in Dallas and Sunday route in Wilkes-Barre and a few stops in between.

After grandpa passed away (June 1952), my brother, Dick, took over grandpa’s duties. I would go with him many times on the egg routes, and after a while I did the Dallas route myself.

Bill Weidner

Allegany, New York