Letter to the Editor: Allow area’s homeless to live in converted factory buildings

This is in response to the Times Leader’s “Would it be a good idea to …” editorial on Aug. 31 titled “Is permanent men’s shelter a priority?

I have long wondered why empty factory buildings in Luzerne County have not been converted to housing for the homeless. Factories could be converted to residence hall-type housing.

There would be shelter from the elements and warmth. They could include individual rooms, bathrooms, kitchen facilities, laundry facilities and room for dining and socializing. Residents would be required to keep their rooms clean and share in all other chores.

I’m sure there are many retired construction workers who would be glad to help in the renovations; donations could be sought for material and other needs.

Homelessness is not a new problem; it has been around for decades.

When do we care enough to solve the problem?

Vesta Fountain