Letter to the Editor: Drivers nearly cause wrecks with their misguided ‘courteousness’

Recently more than ever I have come across a very worrisome phenomenon in drivers, especially in this area, that I would like to address.

Have you ever been trying to make a left turn across a two-lane road and are in the turning lane, so you’re really not holding up anyone, and the driver in the lane nearest you decides to let you go – not understanding that this is creating a huge blind spot of vision to see if there are cars coming in the next lane over?

When this happens, I typically wave the driver on to go (which they’re supposed to be doing) and usually have the seemingly courteous driver throw up their hands in mock anger when, sure enough, a car is barreling down the other lane. The point is that if I took advantage of this “courteousness,” I would be in a very unfriendly wreck.

I think it is best if people steer clear of the act of courteousness and follow the rules of the road. Nowhere in any driver’s manual that I have read does it say that you should hold up your right of way and wait for another car if that car is making a turn.

We all love when our coworkers say good morning; a smile from a stranger walking by can even change the mood you’re in. But an act of graciousness on the road might not be the place to start bending the rules of etiquette.

Celeste Winterbaum