More Than Movies: Dietrich Theater patrons show interest in Native American history

More Than Movies - Margie Young | October 3rd, 2017 9:19 am

We have so much rich Native American history in our area and so many are hungry to find out more about it. Sixty people attended Jim Remsen’s presentation, “Visions of Teaoga,” which is also the title of his book that he signed for those who purchased it.

We learned that most of the attendees found out about the presentation from information in the Wyoming County Examiner, Abington Journal or Dallas Post. In this time of so many print and media sources of information, we are always curious about what is working. Thank you to the newspapers for your wonderful coverage.

Because of widespread interest, we will bring Jim Remsen back to talk about his book “Embattled Freedom,” the story of the fugitive slave haven in nearby Waverly. We will keep you posted about that.

A big thank you to Alan Thatcher for his special featured performance at Open Mic. The Peg Fassett Performance Studio was filled with his fans and his lyrical renditions of familiar songs appreciated by all. Thank you, Alan.

Our PBS radio station and website are helping us get the word out about our Warrior Writers program at the Dietrich. In the last two weeks, interviews with our Warrior Writers have been broadcast on WVIA-FM on Erika Funke’s Artscene program. They are now available as Podcasts on the WVIA website. WVIA has featured our Warrior Writers in connection with the PBS Vietnam War series. We are so proud to have them involved.

Warrior Writers meets at the Dietrich at 7 p.m. every second Friday of the month. All military veterans are invited. Most say they never thought of themselves as writers, but the “no judgment” environment of the meetings and the camaraderie of the group keeps them coming. For information, call 570-996-1500.

WVIA also is a part of the special residency coming up at the Dietrich. To coordinate with the WVIA Sit Next to Me Film Festival, we will host a free Digital Arts and More workshop from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Thursdays, Oct. 12 through Dec. 14. Students ages 9-14 will begin by examining prejudice and the value of diversity, then produce a film to be entered into the Sit Next to Me Film Festival opportunity.

Working on Stop Motion will follow with videos uploaded on the Box of Light website for all to view.

Finally, animation will be taught, beginning with practice drawing and telling stories through pictures. Twelve lucky students will be able to be enrolled in this free opportunity, sponsored by the Northern Tier Partnership for Arts in Education.

We also have a free opportunity for adults, sponsored by the Endless Mountains Heritage Region, funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Mike Lovegreen will present “Agriculture: The Roots of the Endless Mountains” at 11 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 14.

Lovegreen, former Bradford County Conservation District Manager for 33 years and current Endless Mountains Heritage Region board member, will present an overview of the extent of agriculture’s role and influence in the region. The free presentation, as well as the following open discussion will be based on the recently completed Agricultural Viability Study conducted for Bradford County with EMHR funding.

On the River Towns Bus Trip, Rick Hiduk took us on many back roads where we could see that our area is dominated by farming. So many of us are not so aware of that fact as we travel the highways and turnpikes. All are welcome to Lovegreen’s presentation on our agricultural heritage. Free tickets will be available at the door.

How many of the 22 films did you see? Which ones will you remember next month? Next year? For me, after seeing eight so far, it will be “Maudie.”

If you cannot make it to the discussion, we hope we will see you soon and often at the Dietrich!

More Than Movies

Margie Young

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