Books donated to Back Mountain Memorial Library remember loved ones


DALLAS — The following memorial books have been added to the shelves of the Back Mountain Memorial Library, 96 Huntsville Road, for the month of August 2018:

In memory of Joan M. Fannick, “Out of the Corner of My Eye: Living With Macular Degeneration” by Nicolette Pernot Ringgold, presented by Karen Mazzaccaro

In memory of Anna Jorda, “Illustration School: Let’s Draw a Story” by Sachiko Umoto, presented by Pat Zikor and Children

In memory of Tom Makara, “The Complete Fishing Manual” by Henry Gilbey, presented by Herb and Jan Dreher

In memory of Paul Brace, “Sports Illustrated Football’s Greatest,” presented by Renee Marranca

In memory of Nona Marie, “Signing at School: Sign Language for Kids” by Kathryn Clay, presented by The Niemans

The following books are in memory of Kyle Denmon and are presented by Herb and Jan Dreher: “Be Careful What You Sniff For” by Nancy Krulik, “Catch That Dog Wave” by Nancy Krulik, “Follow the Furball” by Nancy Krulik, “Nice Snowing You!” by Nancy Krulik

The following books are in memory of J. Stewart Smith and are presented by Janet Marchakitus and children: “Encyclopedia of Gardening” and “The Right-Size Flower Garden” by Kerry Ann Mendez