Michael Kovalick completing summer research at Wilkes University


WILKES-BARRE — Michael Kovalick, of Dallas, is completing summer research at Wilkes University. Kenneth Klemow, biology professor, is working with students as they assess the herbaceous plant community development along the Transco pipeline at the Jacobs Property in Buck Township, southeast of Bear Creek. The Jacobs property is one of Wilkes University’s field sites, and the students are testing the hypothesis that natural gas pipeline corridors have low plant diversity, and are dominated by non-native species. So far, the student researchers are finding that the Jacobs site actually has high diversity of native species. Kovalick is a biology major.

During summer 2018, more than 150 undergraduate students at Wilkes University are engaged in research. Working with faculty on meaningful research is one of the hallmarks of a Wilkes education. Students at Wilkes have all of the educational opportunities of a large university in the mentoring culture of a small college.