Book about history of Harveys Lake available online


A history of Harveys Lake, from it discovery in 1781 by Wyoming Valley settler Benjamin Harvey, through its transformation as a major recreational resort, and its present status as an independent borough, has recently been published on the internet by F. Charles Petrillo, a Wilkes-Barre area lawyer and local historian.

The 270-page publication with 165 historic photographs is an expanded and updated edition of Petrillo’s 1983 book on the lake’s history.

The 1983 edition was published one year before the closing of Don Hanson’s Amusement Park, the lake’s best-known feature. The park grounds offered dances, concerts, beach and boating facilities.

The newest edition expands the history of the park through 2002 when the grounds were sold for private development. The book also expands several of the 1893, chapters especially the Sunset area with a new chapter on the Warden Place community.

The addition of many new photographs to the 2018 e-edition is supplemented by art pieces by three lake artists: Dorothy Ricci, Linda Shumaitis and Bonnie Coveleski.

The e-edition has not been published as a traditional printed book but has been placed on the internet in two formats: an easily readable, large font, format and as a PDF in traditional book format. Both versions may be downloaded for free by the public.

The web address is