Only Yesterday: Caroline McCarthy and Kim Dougherty organized book drive in their neighborhood in 1977

Compiled by Kim Rollman - For Dallas Post

20 YEARS AGO — 1997

Dallas Area Mozart Club members entertained guests at Riverstreet Manor Nursing Home in Wilkes-Barre recently with classical music. Mrs. Ronald Demidovich, Dallas, was soprano soloist while Mrs. Robert Carey, Dallas, was pianist.

Several Dallas High School students recently participated in Keystone State’s Basketball Camp at Gettysburg College. Participating students: Jay Carroll, Dan Laurenzi, John Nackley, Pat Barnard, Jason race, Jared Karalunas, Matt Eyet, Paul Dougal, Dave Finn, Dan Fetko, Russ Eyet and Mike Donzalski.

Wyoming Seminary named four Back Mountain students most valuable players in their sports. They are: Emily Slaff, Dallas, softball offense; Adam Richards, Dallas, lacrosse defense; Kyle Droppers, Dallas, baseball offense; John McLaughlin, Dallas, tennis.

30 YEARS AGO — 1987

A group of area residents celebrated their 35th anniversary as a pinochle club with a dinner for members and guests at The Barn. It was 35 years ago that Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carey, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. George Chapman, and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sipple organized their four-couple pinochle club, meeting each month at the various members’ homes.

Lawrence Richards and his son Michael Richards, Dallas, both won medals in the 1987 Keystone State Games held this past weekend in the Wilkes-Barre Scranton area. Lawrence captured a silver medal on Saturday in the 5-mile run in the 40-45 age group and finished 19th overall. Michael won a bronze medal in the Male Open Division Field Hockey competition.

Rita Welebob, of Hunlock Creek, and Ayleen Landon, of Dallas, have been appointed Chairperson and Co-Chairperson of the Arts & Crafts Committee for the 1987 Luzerne County Fair.

40 YEARS AGO — 1977

Back Mountain children care about the future of the library, at least four girls do. Finding the shelves of the children’s library sparsely filled, Caroline McCarthy and Kim Dougherty organized a book drive in their neighborhood and with the help of Kim’s sisters, Kristen and Sharon, collected 300 books for the shelves in the Children’s Annex.

The Trumpet Trio was the featured attraction at the annual concert of the Irem Temple Band on Sunday at the pavilion, Irem Temple Country Club, Dallas. The trio, including Attorney Charles Lemmond, Earl Macarty and George DeCurtis, M.D., played “Flirtations” by Herbert L. Clarke. The three musicians have won recognition throughout the Commonwealth and Shrinedom.

50 YEARS AGO — 1967

The Daniel C. Roberts Fire Company, Harveys Lake, held its annual meeting at the Fire House on Monday evening with President Floyd Whitebread presiding. James O. McCaffrey was elected President for the coming year. Morris C. Johnson was elected Vice-President. John H. Stenger was re-elected Secretary-Treasurer and Richard E. Williams was re-elected Fire Chief.

Boy Scout training is believed to have saved two boys from serious harm when they became lost in the Red Rock Mountain area near Mooretown. Scouting parties searched the area during the night and were getting ready to return from headquarters at the Foothills Diner when the two lads walked out of the woods and to the home of Mrs. Ann Vickers. Brian O’Keefe, 11, and Daniel Fiske, 12, went fishing on Monday afternoon and became lost.

Two-Fold Club of Huntsville Methodist Church recently held their annual picnic at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Fielding. Games were played and swimming enjoyed. Present: Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Laskowski, Johanna Laskowski, Gary Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Lashford, David Lashford, Sam Jenkins, Mrs. Francis Perrego, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kittle, John Fielding Jr., Lind Taylor, Susan Fielding and the hosts.

60 YEARS AGO — 1957

Bernard Williamson was among eighteen drivers from Kutz Bakery, Inc., Wilkes-Barre, who were honored this week with safe driver awards for not having been involved in a highway accident for the past two years.

George W. Hess, Dallas, an agent of the Northwestern Mutual Life insurance Co., was cited last month for outstanding life insurance sales in the 1957 agents’ honor year, which is also the firm’s Centennial year. He is a winner of the Silver Button award.

The second period of Da-Camp, sponsored by Back Mountain Branch Town and Country YMCA closed Friday with a weenie roast and the afternoon of activities. Some of the children who attended the two week session are: John Gager, Betty Rome, Karen Rome, Scott Fry, Calvin Tinsley, Jimmy Knecht, Robert Chernin, Joanne Hadsall, Edward baker, Tommy Hughes, Billy Hontz, Jimmy Reynolds, Ricky Ash, Don Holderedge, Clark Ruch, Donny Marth and Edwina Morgan.

70 YEARS AGO — 1947

Ladies Society of the Vernon Union Church will present a play, “Sparks Divine,” in the church, Friday at 8 p.m. Mrs. Alva Eggleston, president of the society, is directing the play. Cast includes: Mrs. Joseph Faux, Mrs. Charles Frantz, Mrs. Clyde Eggelston, Mrs. Harry Brown, Mrs. Edward Skoronski, Mrs. Herbert Rogers, Mrs. John Wyda, Mrs. Nellie Dailey, Mrs. John Lynn, Mrs. Robert Rogers.

Lehman Girl Scouts, under the direction of Mrs. Charles Nuss, spent three days at Wildwood recently. Scouts who enjoyed the vacation were: Mary Lou Elston, Marcia Elston, Phyllis Swan, Marlin James, Shirley Elston, D. Elston, Marcella Cease, Loraine Owens, Goldie Ide, Helen Gensel, Barbara Tretheway, Eleanor Ide, Irene Snyder and Alice Carey.

Compiled by Kim Rollman

For Dallas Post

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