Luzerne County DA warns of email threat where scammers pose as FedEx, UPS

Salavantis -

Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis issued a warning Tuesday about a new email threat from senders posing as delivery companies FedEx and UPS.

Recipients who click on the email links may expose their computers and electronic devices to malicious software that extracts their personal information. Her warning follows a two-day Times Leader report on the increasingly devious techniques of online hackers, scammers and perverts.

“I want to alert residents because so many people shop online and receive regular automatic shipments of pet supplies and other products,” Salavantis said, reminding the public to refrain from clicking on any links unless they have verified they are valid.

Both companies have posted warnings about the fraudulent emails on their websites.

For example, a FedEx email sent to a reporter’s account Tuesday asked for verification of a shipping address, saying a package could not be delivered. The email contained the FedEx logo, a shaded box that said the message was from a “trusted sender” and wording about FedEx copyrights and trademarks to make it appear legitimate.

FedEx said it does not send unsolicited emails to customers seeking information about packages, invoices, account numbers, passwords or personal information. The company advised recipients against opening such emails, saying they should be deleted or forwarded to

UPS recommended similar action, stressing the company does not request payments or personal information in an unsolicited manner through emails, mail, phone or fax.