FEMA grant gives Back Mountain rural municipalities ability to purchase life saving equipment

DALLAS TWP. — A grant for over $97,000 will aid some Back Mountain ambulance units in obtaining a new life-saving device called the Luca Tool.

Kunkle Volunteer Fire Company’s Medic 33, along with Noxen, Harveys Lake Borough, Fairmount, Franklin and Northmoreland townships ambulance organizations cooperatively applied for and were awarded a $97,143 Federal Emergency Management Agency grant.

The funds will be used to place bids to acquire the Lucas Tool, a device to administer steady CPR compressions for an extended amount of time to cardiac patients.

“The Lucas Tool provides constant chest compressions during CPR eliminating the need for additional ambulance staff,” Kunkle Volunteer Fire Company Chief, Jack Dodson wrote in an email. “Since much of the coverage area is rural in nature and there are extended transport times to hospitals, the Lucas Tool will be invaluable in providing the best cardiac care to our residents.”

Once the tool is purchased, training sessions will be scheduled.