Lake-Lehman School District in compliance with state audit

By Eileen Godin -

LEHMAN TWP. — Lake-Lehman School District complies with state requirements, according to the Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General’s Limited Procedures Engagement audit.

The LPE audit examined the district’s policies and administrative procedures from July 1, 2012, through June 30, 2016, to ensure state guidelines are met. The results of the audit were released in late March.

“We have not had any exceptions in the last 12 years,” McGovern said. “It means that we are fiscally solvent. All of our practices meet the guidelines of the Department of Education. It is an honor to be put on this status.”

The 11-page audit evaluated the district’s policies, including internal controls, budgeting practices, the Right-to-Know Law and the Sunshine Act.

The Right-to-Know Law gives the public access to public records of governing bodies. The Sunshine Act is legislation providing protocol to promote public awareness of meetings as well as participation on agenda items to be voted on.

The audit “found the District properly implemented policies and procedures and complied, in all significant respects with relevant requirements,” according to the report.

The audit examines the school board’s meeting advertisements and minutes, McGovern said.

“They look back at our motions to see that everything is done correctly,” he said. “There isn’t much to us. We are very transparent.”

The audit also included an overview on the district’s School Performance Profile based on student scores on the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment, Keystone Exam and graduation rates for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years.

Assessment scores were not evaluated as part of the audit, according to the news release.

In the 2014-15 school year, Lake-Lehman students in third through eighth grade scored a 64.1 percent on the English PSSAs, above the state average of 60 percent, the report stated.

The PSSAs is a standardized test administered measure if students’ English and math aptitude meet state and federal guidelines.

In 2015-16, students increased their average score of 65.6 percent in English, 5.6 percent higher than the state average of 60 percent.

In 2014-15 students scored an average of 40.7 percent on the math PSSA, slightly lower than the Commonwealth’s average of 41.2 percent.

Students did score higher in the 2015-16 math PSSA, registering an average of 44.4. The state’s benchmark for that year was 44.3 percent.

The Keystone exams measure high school students’ mastery in the areas of Algebra I, Literature and Biology.

In 2014-15, Lake-Lehman Junior/Senior High School students scored an average of 82.2 percent on the English Keystone Exam. This was higher than the commonwealth’s average of 70.7.

In 2015-16, students scored an average of 79.7 percent in the English Keystone Exams, lower than the previous year, but higher than the commonwealth’s average of 74.6.

Students scored an average 64.9 percent on the 2014-15 math Keystone Exams, which came close to the state average of 62.4.

In 2015-16, students’ math Keystone score dropped below the state average by 5.6 percent. Students scored an average of 59.8, and the commonwealth’s average was 65.4.

Also, data on the district’s graduation rates remained above the state’s average for both the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years.

In 2014-15, the district had 92.3 percent of its graduating students complete required education and earn a diploma in a designated four-year period. This is higher than the state’s average of 88.4.

In 2015-16, 95 percent of students graduated, 6.2 percent above the state’s average of 88.8.

By Eileen Godin

Reach Eileen Godin at 570-991-6387 or on Twitter @TLNews.

Reach Eileen Godin at 570-991-6387 or on Twitter @TLNews.