Only Yesterday: Thomas’ Family Market opened in Shavertown in 1998

Compiled by Kim Rollman - For Dallas Post

20 YEARS AGO — 1998

It’s official. Thomas’ Family Market will fill the vacancy soon to be left by Bi-Lo supermarket in Shavertown. Chris Evans, 31, his wife Pam, 26, and Tom Baseski, 29, own and operate Thomas’ Family Market at State and Washington Street in Larksville. All three grew up in the Back Mountain, graduated from Dallas High School and worked for Penn Traffic, owner of Insalaco’s and Bi-Lo.

Chelsea MacDougall, the 11-year-old daughter of Wendy and Mark MacDougall of Huntsville, won the Rehoboth Beach Delaware top talent award during the week of July 4th this summer. She is back in Rehoboth this week competing for the Grand Prize with all 10 if this summer’s weekly prize winners.

30 YEARS AGO — 1988

It was an exciting day last Saturday when families, Nesbitt Hospital employees and staff of College Misericordia reunited to celebrate the birth of 52 16-year olds, who were born at the college during the flood of 1972 caused by Hurricane Agnes. While many of the babies born on the campus during the disaster have moved away from the local area, approximately 25 of the now 16-year-olds and their families were able to celebrate the event and share stories. Miss Thelma DeWitt was director of nursing at that time. She recalled tearing up bed sheets to make a huge white cross on the campus so that the helicopters bringing in patients and doctors would know where to land.

The Dallas Band Boosters annually present a scholarship to a graduating band member continuing his or her education in the field of music. This year, two students have qualified for the award. Tracy Baines, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Baines, and Dawn Campbell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Campbell, each received scholarships.

40 YEARS AGO — 1978

Girl Scouts from the Junior and Cadette Troop 712 of Carverton Methodist Church recently visited Hershey Park. The troop camped at the Hershey High Meadows where they enjoyed beautiful tents and cabins, and great swimming facilities. Participants were: Mary Jo Derhammer, Brenda Young, Joan Hilstolsky, Marcus Grimm, Susan Wells, Karen Kraynak, Julie Yakowski, Karen Wall, Cheryl Harding, Karen Wells, Susan Young, Patty Allen, Kim Roberts, Lisa Kundrat, Kim Ward, Judy Luke, Polly Kunkle, Donita Grimm, Margie Luke and Heidi Yakowski.

Last Saturday, Encon held their annual picnic for employees and their families at Konefal’s Grove, Chase. Prizes were awarded to both adults and children for participation in various games. Mabel Coolbaugh was in charge of all games for children. Children in attendance were: Michael, David and Brian Kaschak, John-John and Carey Wright, Matthew Lloyd, Renee, Anthony and Bobby Orlando, Michael Taylor, Freddie Rosencrans, Billy and Chrissy Whispell, Tara Tondora, Tracy, Brenda and Charlie Young, Leonard and Debbie Roginski, Jodi Taylor, Nickie Long, Melanie, Michael, Meghan and Matthew Mooney, Arthur, Roger and Bobby Morgan, Clarke Lewis, Kathy Berry, Richie Long and Shari Oney.

50 YEARS AGO — 1968

John Pickett, 17, of Demunds Road, already aimed for the U.S. Olympic trials at Long Beach, Calif., churned his kayak to three first places and two seconds at the Canoe Racing Championship Regatta, Harriman State Park, N.Y., over the weekend. In addition, Pickett was voted “Outstanding Paddler in the U.S.” by the American Canoe Association, sponsors of the event, and was presented with a trophy on Sunday.

Drew Fitch, Jr. celebrated his fifth birthday on August 9 at an outdoor party. Those attending were: Mark and Kim Kretchmer, Wendy Shepherd, Nancy and Judy Fitch, John and Dorie Gill, Jay Crispell, Jani, Barbie, Karen and Bobby Wheeler, Andrew and Alfred Wayslow, Tina and Raymond Piekanski, Machell and Charles Hayes, Karen and John Nicely, Walter Geffert and Dale Fitch.

Au60 YEARS AGO — 1958

Clem Rinker, Idetown innkeeper, won his advancement to chief observer of the Harveys Lake Observation Post Tuesday night, when Sgt. Edward Yankoski presented him with a pin and certificate for faithful performance during the past five years. Clem is always counted on during the monthly and semi-monthly alerts, when Harrisburg telephones to all outposts to be on the lookout for any plane that goes over. Ground Observer Corps of the United States Air Force are in operation all over the state, with direct telephone lines to Harrisburg.

Peggy Williams, three-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Williams, Wyoming Street, Dallas, was chosen Miss Irem Temple at the Shriner’s annual picnic held at the country club last week. There were more than fifty entries.

Installation of new officers for Lehman-Jackson-Ross Band Sponsors will take place Tuesday evening at the high school. Inducted into office will be: Mrs. Dennis Bonning Jr., president; Mrs. Russell Coolbaugh, vice president; Mrs. Carl Drapiewski, secretary; Mrs. J.H. Donnelly, treasurer.

70 YEARS AGO — 1948

Now that the horse and dog shows are a thing of the past, the rabbits are to have their turn. The Northeastern Pennsylvania Rabbit and Cavy Breeder’s Association are holding a miniature warm-up show this Sunday in preparation for their big Fall Show to be held in Freeland Public Park, October 17. This week’s event will be held at the Trucksville Mill starting at 2 p.m. Many Back Mountain folk are members of the local club. Among them: Ernie Caryl, Tommy Andrew, H. Manganello, George Evans, Marian Wood, Stanley Moore, Frank Billings and others.

Mr. and Mrs. George Turn of East Center Street, Shavertown, entertained at an outdoor breakfast Sunday honoring Mrs. Roscoe Lee who celebrated her birthday anniversary. Present were: Jack Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Peyton Lee, Mrs. Lettie Culver, the guest of honor and the host and hostess.

Compiled by Kim Rollman

For Dallas Post