Only Yesterday: Mrs. Homer Middleton entertained elocution pupils in 1948

Compiled by Kim Rollman - For Dallas Post

20 YEARS AGO — 1998

1st Adventure Preschool, located on the lower level of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Main Street, Shavertown, recently held their end of the year program and graduation ceremony. Graduates of this year’s class include Taylor Burak, Erin Ryna, Joshua Kachurick, Joshua Ryan, Sabrina Zurek, Patrick McGrath, Paul Brace, Dylan Thomas, Jared Gollhardt and Jared Kukosky.

Lake-Noxen’s favorite truck driver visited the school May 21 to show his pen pals his truck and answer their questions face-to-face. Wayne Federici, a driver for Ameritruck, has been part of the Trucker Buddy program for three years. Federici writes back and forth with the first graders at Lake-Noxen. He makes sure to send them post cards from all over the United States. Students were excited to ask him what color his truck his, how he eats and even how old he is.

30 YEARS AGO — 1988

A number of Lake-Lehman elementary students recently earned the Presidential Physical Fitness Award. They did so by scoring above the 85th percentile in six physical fitness tests including sit-ups, 50 yard dash, one mile run, standing broad jump, shuttle run and pullups (boys) or flexed arm hang for girls. Winners were Jason McRoy, Dorothy Wolfe, Scott Kocher, Michael Stuart, Chelly Kovach, Brian Butler, Jennifer Sandstrom, Russell Zimmerman, Judy Sichler, Jessica Kinney, Gretchen Dershimer, Jenny Marcin, Megan Kovach, Howard Parsons, Carrie Llewellyn and Jeff Kunkle.

Greg Choi, Shavertown, and Tudor Jones, Dallas, were members of the undefeated Wyoming Seminary soccer team this past season. They each received a picture plaque at an awards day held recently at the school.

40 YEARS AGO — 1978

Members of Dallas Baptist Church, Mill Street, spent last Saturday afternoon handing out flyers on the church’s upcoming Vacation Bible School. Participants included Mrs. Jack Smith, Mrs. Fred Buss, Matthew Buss, Connie Suder, Mark Buss, Greg Smith, Dorie Taylor, Rev. Jack Smith, Joe Suder and Roger Smith.

An unusual award being chanced off this year at the Back Mountain Memorial Library Auction will be a side of beef. The winner may keep the beef in a freezer at Country’s Best, Dallas, and take the beef as he needs it. Tickets are available from Wayne Schmoll at Country’s Best and from the auction committee. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kirk got in on the action by purchasing a ticket at the store this week.

50 YEARS AGO — 1968

Members of Shavertown Branch, Nesbitt Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, met recently in the Pennsylvania Gas and Water Company Kitchen to bake and sell cookies. Profits from the sale will be donated to the proceeds of the Seventh Annual Nesbitt Hospital Festival which will be held this weekend on the hospital grounds. Bakers: Mesdames W. Tomas, Elmer Daley, Lyman Lull, Fred Eck, John Kistler, James Malkames, Sheldon Evans, Charles Maxwell, Leon Beisel, Charles Sieber, Wendell Jones, Charles Perkins and William Brown.

Girl Scouts of Troop 656, Carverton, recently participated in the annual “Fly-Up” service held at Trucksville Educational Building. Following the flag ceremony these Brownies were received into the troop: Lynne Wolfe, Marian Supulski, Patty Willaver, Donna Hoover, Betty Jean Casterline. Moving up to Cadettes was Debbie Werts.

Mrs. Frank J. Madden is chairman and Mrs. Edward J. Devitt co-chairman of the Couples Party sponsored by the College Misericordia Alumnae Association this Saturday evening on the college campus. This will be the first opportunity for Alumnae wives to bring their husbands and career girls their escorts to the campus.

60 YEARS AGO — 1958

Idetown Methodist Church Couples Club held an auction last Saturday at Idetown Corners. A varied assortment of new and used articles were sold over the block. Robert Wilson was chairman and auctioneer. Mrs. Albert Sweitzer was chairman of the accompanying bake sale, and Mrs. Robert Wilson of the refreshment stand.

Arthur W. Major, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alan Major, Lehman, placed fourth in the Senior-Open Combat Class of a Model Airplane meet at Berwick last Sunday. It was Art’s first participation in a meet and he flew his plane against thirty other contestants in the Combat Class. Arthur is a member of the Goose Greasers Model Airplane Club sponsored by Dick’s Hobby Shop in Wilkes-Barre. He has been building model planes since he was six years of age.

Natona Girls (bowlers) held their banquet at Club Francois Thursday in the form of a shower honoring one of the members, Lois E. Walk, the former Lois Marr, recent bride. The guest of honor received lovely gifts and a beautifully decorated cake was presented to her by the club proprietor, Frank Policare. Attending were Jeanette Rittenhouse, Pearl Walton, Ruth Klemaszewski, Barbara Evans, Dolly Fabian, Helen Hemenway, Leah Crispell, Martha Husted and Marian Harvey.

70 YEARS AGO — 1948

Hayfield Farm will exhibit its nationally famous Clydesdale teams of eight horses at the fourth annual Lehman Horse Show on July 5th. In addition, Alexander Tough, farm manager, has announced that fourteen of the farm’s little Sardinian donkeys will be on exhibit. Edward Hartman, show chairman, has announced that entries are doubled those received last year at this time and that he expects the number of exhibitors to be greatly increased since the show has been opened to include horses from nearby counties.

Mrs. Homer Middleton entertained some of her piano and elocution pupils and their parents at a recital at her home at Idetown Saturday afternoon. Taking part in the entertainment were: Jack and Priscilla Hendricks, Russell Steele, Judith Steele, Marcia Elston, Phyllis Swan, Mary Lou Elston, Janice Evans, Shirley Elston, Marian Evans, Kenneth Sutton, Shirley Welsh, Naomi Carey and Caryl Williams.

Compiled by Kim Rollman

For Dallas Post

The Dallas Post is 130 years old. Information in this column is reprinted exactly as it first appeared.

The Dallas Post is 130 years old. Information in this column is reprinted exactly as it first appeared.