Only Yesterday: Dr. Henry M. Laing Fire Co. pumped 60,000 gallons of water for Dallas Skating Rink

Compiled by Kim Rollman

20 YEARS AGO — 1998

The Dallas High School Soccer Club gave junior players letterman jackets and gave the freshman players sweatshirts. David Keating, Soccer Club president, said money to pay for the items comes from fund raisers held throughout the year. Juniors receiving jackets are John Kertesz, Mike Clearly, Matt Kertesz, Justin Hoover, Rich Samanas, Russ Eyet, Seth LaJeunesse, Joe Murphy, Mike McHale, Duane Sprau and Eric George.

Lehman-Jackson Elementary PTA members Ann Cornell, Sue Dalkiewicz, Gloria Grzyboski and Mary Jo Nelson have been spending some time updating a kitchen set for Mrs. Dawes’ Kindergarten class. Class members are: Robert Gionfriddo, William Carstens, Richard Swanson, Cameron Pall, Delanie Brady, Timothy Wilson, Seana Schweizer, Holly Kamionka, Kyle Keiper, Alyssa Cornell, Michelle Mahoney, Jody Higgins, Cody Starck, William Evans, Brian Ashton, Shane Brady, Kianna Spencer, Rebecca Stull, Kylie Kustrin and Lawren Foss.

30 YEARS AGO — 1988

The Lake-Lehman Senior High Christmas semi-formal was held recently at the school. The dance, sponsored by the Student Council, was attended by more than 200 students. Darcy Kittle was named “Ice Castles” queen. Her court included Katie Stefanowicz, Carolyn Stratford, Stefanie Kukosky, Darla Nice and Rhonda Sayre.

The Dallas Junior High School chapter of S.A.D.D. held a recent assembly for the seventh grade. The S.A.D.D. officer spoke on the philosophy and goals of the organization. New members were given a contract to join and become a representative of S.A.D.D. Members of the group are: Kelly Cleary, Alison Labbate, Shannon McDonald, Marie Robinson, Angie King, Leann Simon, Eric Williams, Joe Kaleta, Mary Lou Baines, Nicole Argentati, Kristen Gurden, Stephanie Reese, Megan Wega and Arai Pierson. Ms. Robyn Jones is S.A.D.D. advisor.

40 YEARS AGO — 1978

Alderson United Methodist Women met Thursday evening at the home of Mabel Ackerman. Mrs. Mary Kloeber, vice president of Wilkes-Barre District, installed the officers using “God’s Eye,” an Indian emblem, as a focal point. She also presented each officer with a handwoven replica of this emblem at the close of the ceremony. Installed were president, Ellen Puterbaugh; vice president, Mildred Garinger; secretary, Marguerite Cauda; assistant secretary, Peg Truska; and treasurer, Amelia Davis.

The Lake-Lehman Preparations for Marriage class announced the mock wedding of Bert Balliet to Jayme SanFanandre. Ceremonies took place at the Maple Grove United Methodist Church Monday. Under the instruction of Mrs. Jeris Jones, the mock wedding was set up to give the students in the class a chance to plan and take part in a wedding ceremony. Through the year the class discussed the real meaning of marriage by taking situations and discussing what they feel are solutions.

50 YEARS AGO — 1968

Rutherford L. Cooper, of High Point Acres, Dallas, took first place in a nation-wide photographic contest, a Salon workshop staged by the American Photographic Society. Competition is by mail. For the contest, each member of the organization receives a negative. Competing photographers employ their talents in interpreting the negative. It may be used in any way their artistic ability dictates.

Five students from Dallas High School have been chosen to represent Dallas School District in the Pennsylvania Music Educators’ Northeast District Band and Orchestra. Robert Morgan and Donald Voelker will play in district band and Vera Balshaw , Ruth Lewis and Thomas Shaver will play in district orchestra.

60 YEARS AGO — 1958

Brownie Troop 105 observed its eighth birthday anniversary Monday at Shavertown Methodist Church. The troop is composed of eighteen fourth grade girls. Three-year pins were awarded to Bonnie Bernard, Barbara Brown, Nancy Brown, Jo Alice Coleman, Pam Cully, Susie Davis, Susan Day, Ida Gillespie, Eleanor Jones, Barbara Hauck, Sharon Jones, Pam Lesser, Linda Nichol, Judy O’Hara, Sally Otto, Linda Wimmer and Reba Heidel.

Three girls from the Home-Making Department at Lake-Noxen won prizes for sewing at the farm show this week. Betty Kester won third place for a toy for a pre-school child; Margaret Lyons, second place for flannel pajamas; Karen Miller, third prize for a cotton skirt.

Dallas Kiwanis Club is taking charge of lighting for the Dallas Skating Rink, contributing its services to a worthwhile civic and social project. Dr. Henry M. Laing Fire Company pumped for over a day to fill the rink, getting 60,000 gallons from Toby’s Creek.

70 YEARS AGO — 1948

For the second successive year, Wyoming Valley Playground and Recreation Association, under the direction of Miss Ruth Sweeney, will present a series of night courses at Kingston Township High School for all adults of the Back Mountain Region. The courses will include Sewing, taught by Mrs. Hayden Williams, Shavertown; Handicrafts taught by Mrs. Martha Cairns, Wilkes-Barre; Charcoal and Oils, taught by Mrs. Edward W. Schacht, Jr., Plymouth; Wood and Metal Work, taught by John W. Rakshys, Kingston Township instructor; Tatting, Crocheting and Knitting, taught by Miss Edith Saxe, Kingston Township Faculty.

A number of high school musicians from Back Mountain Region will represent their school at the Northeast District Band Festival to be held in Hazleton today, Friday and Saturday. Representing Dallas Township Schools will be Jackie Mahoney, clarinet; Harry Bellas, trumpet; and Robert Henney. Robert Shewan and Richard Glace have been chosen to represent Kingston Township High School.

Within the last few weeks, the Home Association of Daddow-Isaacs Post, American Legion has purchased more than $500 worth of new bar equipment and fixtures and has appointed Arthur Brown as bartender. The Association recently attained a liquor license as well as a beer license. Members of the Home Association are: Frank Ferry, Donald Grose, Thomas Reese, Roy Verfaille, Primo Berrettini, Kenneth Grose, Arthur Brown, Paul Shaver, B. Moran, Wilson Garinger, J. Yeisley and Paul Fiske.

Compiled by Kim Rollman

The Dallas Post is 129 years old. Information appearing here is re-printed exactly as it first appeared.

The Dallas Post is 129 years old. Information appearing here is re-printed exactly as it first appeared.