Letter to the Editor: Camp St. Andrew closed prematurely and without proper goodbye

Recently, Bishop Joseph Bambera and the diocesan advisory staff made the unfortunate decision to close Camp St. Andrew to all of the area children and their families who have enjoyed its beautiful grounds and serene setting for 75 years. Without warning, the camp and its grounds were unceremoniously and permanently closed on Oct. 6. In […]

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Letter to the Editor: Proposed pipeline threatens Frances Slocum State Park’s woodland, writer says

Luzerne County’s Frances Slocum State Park is the latest victim in the battle to save our public lands from the onslaught of pipelines and energy infrastructure that now threatens two state parks in Carbon County (Hickory Run and Beltzville) and numerous other public lands along the proposed route of the PennEast pipeline. If approved, the […]

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Letter to the Editor: Abolish property tax in Pennsylvania; restore ownership to the people

Ownership is everything. It is the one of the foundation blocks of our Constitution, a document that our elected officials, progressives and conservatives alike, swear to uphold and protect. This is what makes America exceptional, the very basic tenet that ensures the right of individual freedom. The reality is that our elected representatives do very […]

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Letter to the Editor: Letter inspires memories of Dallas Methodist Church and Shaver family farm

I enjoyed reading the Oct. 3 letter to the editor titled “Fond memories of Dallas farm,” by Bill Weidner. I have lived in Dallas since 1923 and remember his grandmother, Mrs. Higgins. She was my Sunday School teacher at the Dallas Methodist Church. We had meetings at her house sometimes and she would give all […]

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Letter to the Editor: New York resident recalls Dallas youth

My grandfather, William A. Higgins, managed and lived on the Newberry Estate (on Pioneer Avenue, Dallas) in a home (which is no longer there) approximately 40 feet to the right of, and slightly up the hill from, the stone-fronted cold section of the apple cellar. My mom, Mildred Weidner (born June, 1905) and my siblings, […]

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Letter to the Editor: Eliminating property taxes should be something we agree on, say these state senators

Two words you are not hearing in Harrisburg lately as we debate the state budget are “We agree.” As cosponsors of Senate Bill 76, legislation that would eliminate school property taxes, we are here to say, “We agree” with the need for true property tax reform. Republicans and Democrats have been locked in a three-month […]

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Letter to the Editor: Allow area’s homeless to live in converted factory buildings

This is in response to the Times Leader’s “Would it be a good idea to …” editorial on Aug. 31 titled “Is permanent men’s shelter a priority?” I have long wondered why empty factory buildings in Luzerne County have not been converted to housing for the homeless. Factories could be converted to residence hall-type housing. […]

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Letter to the Editor: Subway should slice antibiotics from its products

Subway recently stated in Nation’s Restaurant News that it has been “working toward the elimination of antibiotics” in their products. Although encouraging, the statement falls short of a formal policy with deadlines. If Subway were to make it clear that it’ll only buy meat not raised on antibiotics, suppliers will know precisely what’s needed to […]

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Letter to the Editor: Cease pesticide spraying near schools, for sake of children’s health

Pesticides are routinely sprayed over schools, playgrounds, parks and homes in our area. These toxins have been linked to hyperactivity and behavioral disorders in children, which are often manifested as inability to concentrate and poor classroom performance at school. Now that school is in session again, it is imperative that pesticide spraying cease in order […]

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Letter to the Editor: Drivers nearly cause wrecks with their misguided ‘courteousness’

Recently more than ever I have come across a very worrisome phenomenon in drivers, especially in this area, that I would like to address. Have you ever been trying to make a left turn across a two-lane road and are in the turning lane, so you’re really not holding up anyone, and the driver in […]

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