Lehman Township resident expresses concern about speeding vehicles

By Eileen Godin - egodin@timesleader.com | May 18th, 2016 1:19 pm

By Eileen Godin



LEHMAN TWP. — Longtime Mill Street resident Jerry Glenn had enough of speeding vehicles on his street and took his concerns to the township meeting Monday, May 16.

“I’ve been living there (in a home off Mill Street) for 25 years,” he said. “Lately, a lot of cars have been speeding through that little street, Mill Street, to the point where there is a curve, and if you miss the curve, you will hit my house. Cars have come through there so fast that their tires have been squealing.”

Glenn asked if the municipality could install a speed limit sign and maybe add some additional police patrols on the small side street that intersects with Route 118, next to the Citgo and EZ Mini Mart.

“I spoke to one of the police officers, and he suggested that I should come here,” Glenn said.

Lehman Township Supervisor Raymond Iwanowski asked Township Police Sgt. Mark Liparela, “How long to we have that speed trailer?

“Another week,” Liparela said. “I can have it put on Mill Street tomorrow (May 17).”

Douglas Ide, a township supervisor, asked what is spurring such traffic on the small side street.

“Ever since Citgo (EZ Mini Mart) opened there is a lot of traffic now,” Glenn said. “They (people) go for coffee and cigarettes. All day long.”

Installing a speed limit sign is dependent on a traffic study, Iwanowski said.

“A traffic study may have been done, but the road was not signed because it is so small,” said Douglas Ide, a township supervisor. “Years ago, we did a traffic study on many roads in Lehman Township.”

Speed limit signs are required to be placed a half mile apart to make it enforceable by police, Ide said.

“If it is signed now, then there is no sense to put up more signs,” Ide said.

Liparela and Glenn both said the road does not have a speed limit sign.

“If there has been a traffic study done, then we can sign it,” Ide said.

Glenn also questioned the supervisors about installing a sign like the one he saw in his brother’s New Jersey neighborhood that said, “Drive like your children live here.”

“In the past, if residents bought a sign, such as ‘Children at play,’ then the township could install it,” Ide said.

Ide advised Glenn he could order a sign from Bassler Equipment Company in Forty Fort and drop it off at the municipal building with his name, address and phone number.

“We will contact you to see where you want it and install it,” Ide said.

In other news, supervisors adopted an amendment to the township’s zoning ordinance that will give residents “more freedom,” according to township Solicitor John Haley.

The nearly 200-page amendment to the Lehman Township Zoning Ordinance covers a variety of zoning laws including the size of outbuildings, such as garages, and restoration of non-conforming structures. The zoning ordinance amendment is available in the municipal building for public review, Haley said.

Some changes to the former zoning ordinance include a limitation to the floor footage of a detached residential structure, such as a garage or a shed, Haley said.

The previous ordinance restricted an outbuilding’s footprint to less than 750 square feet, Haley said. The amended ordinance will provide up to 900 square feet for the floor area, he said.

Also, Marian DeAngelis, township secretary and office manager, said nearly 300 Lehman-Jackson Elementary School students planted watermelons, lettuce, squash, gourds, Indian corn, pumpkins and much more in the community garden located near the municipal building.

Last year a selection of the students’ crops were entered into the Luzerne County Fair’s produce contest, DeAngelis said.

“They won a ribbon in every category,” she said.

DeAngelis said the township received a $1,500 garden grant to provide water irrigation for Back Mountain Food Pantry’s 200-by 200-foot garden plot.

The next Lehman Township municipal meeting will at 7 p.m. Monday, June 20 in the municipal building.

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