MMI inducts students into honor society

May 9th, 2016 12:18 pm

MMI Preparatory School held a student induction ceremony for the Spanish, Chinese and German national honor societies. Students, from left, first row, are: Julia Snyder, Caelyn McGran, Caitlyn Kline, Gabriella Kupsho, Jessica Smith and Angelica Alday. Second row: MMI Chinese instructor Christina Spencer, MMI German instructor Gabriella Moustardas, Nicolo Cottone, David Caldwell, Mahad Muhammad, MMI Spanish instructor and guest speaker Dennis Clarke, Erin Sari and Danielle Pileggi. Third row: MMI Head of School Thomas G. Hood, Keenan Overa, Ryan Eschenbach, MMI assistant head of school Charles Seidel and Olivia Minzola.