Only Yesterday: Men’s Bible Class of Trucksville Methodist Church entertained their wives at their meeting in July 1946

Compiled by Kim Rollman - | June 29th, 2016 4:26 pm

20 years ago — 1996

Students of the Back Mountain Dance Studio presented a year-end recital. Dozens of young performers demonstrated their talent – and the fruit of months of hard work – before an audience of appreciative parents and friends. Members of the Red Hot Dance team included Samantha Payne, Jessica Ryan, Kristin Summa, Sara Swepston, Kaitlin LaFrance and Marissa Mahle.

Joseph Goryl Jr. was awarded the Uniform Inspection Award at a recent Court of Honor held by Troop #155 of Trucksville United Methodist Church. Joe is the first recipient of this annual award given in memory of the late Richard F. Montgomery, an Eagle Scout from Troop #155.

30 years ago — 1986

Six young people were received into membership of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Shavertown, through the Rite of Confirmation on Pentecost Sunday. Confirmed were: Joan Redline, Chris Culver, Heather Schoner, Debbie Davenport, Jim Siperko and Bruce Weaver.

The annual Installation Dinner of the Newcomers Club of Wyoming Valley was held at Maxim’s Restaurant in Plains. Newly installed officers are: Denise Stelljes, Shavertown, president; Mary Wasser, Shavertown, first vice president; Barbara Stephens, Shavertown, Second vice president; Alison Krakosky, Shavertown, secretary; and Deb Kirkwood, Kingston, treasurer.

Brownie Troop 704 of Lake-Noxen School, Harveys Lake, recently held its annual Bridging Ceremony. The following third grade girls crossed into Junior Scouts: Crystal Covert, Crystal King, Melissa Roper, Jennifer Birt, Cara Nygren, Jessica Noon, Allison Jurowski, Judy Sichler, Megan Mosier, Cristy Jo Welter and Joy Reed.

40 years ago — 1976

Members of the Class of 1976 of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Shavertown, were confirmed last month during a morning service. Confirmed were: Michele Riegel, Robin Templin, Cynthia Brant, Sandra Weaver, Corinne Zimmerman, David Pettit, David Coyle III, Scott Holdredge and Michael Confer.

Members of the Back Mountain All Star teams of the American and National Little Leagues were selected last week. Picked for the American League team were: Billy Allen, Leigh Eyet, Curt Goeringer, Clarke Lewis, Norm Bordley, Matt Moran, Jim Wertman, Mike Borton, Steve Federici, Greg Sorber, Nick Zapoticky, Jim Cook, Fred Mihal and Chris Evans.

Members of the National League All Stars are: Don Benza, Mark Boyle, Dave Penkrot, Tracey Slocum, Clarke Bittner, Jay Law, Lee Eckert, Bob Masoner, Jeff Corcoran, Tom Miller, Louis Correale, Jeff Drugotch, Dan Haefele and Pat Muldoon.

50 years ago — 1966

Two Dallas High School students and two from Lake Lehman have been selected by Dallas Rotary Club for the Leadership Training Program at Camp Brooklyn. Receiving this honor are Jeffrey Morris and Greg Hicks, Dallas, and David Klingerman and Edward Dubel, Lehman. The five day program is packed full of challenging programs and outstanding leaders are included on the Lecture agenda.

Linda Taylor, Dallas High School senior, received the scholarship offered annually by the Dallas Junior woman’s Club. Miss Taylor is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Taylor, Dallas. She has been a member of the school chorus, the Year-book staff, Student council, Future Homemakers and the intramural basketball squad.

Dale Mosier, Dallas, a student at Penn State University, recently participated in the 21st Annual National Student Leadership Institute on the United Nations, sponsored by the Collegiate Council for the United Nations in New York.

60 years ago — 1956

Lake Lions Club announces August 19 as the date for the annual Lady of the Lake Beauty Contest, with semi-finals scheduled for the 12th. Dr. Aaron Lisses, Dallas optometrist, is chairman, assisted by Kenneth Swan.

Forty-two children attended last Friday’s Story Hour on the Back Mountain Library lawn, led by Story Lady, Janet Smith. Some the children present were Billy and Pamela Baker, Sandra Turner, Carol Barbara, Jackie and Valerie Mallin, Pat and Jimmy Peiffer, Judy Taylor, Martha Hovey, Myra Berti, Edward Cooke, Claire Flussi, Joe Young, John Fleming, Diane Reese and Jimmy Roth.

In bowling circles the name of Denmon’s Keglers is regarded with respect. This champion team, sponsored by Denmon’s Cities Service Station at Trucksville, were champions of Wyoming Valley Classic League for the ’55-’56 season, champions of the Riverside All-Star League and winners of the big Wyoming Valley Bowling Proprietors Tournament with a 3166 score. Team members are Mike Hirho, Dale Zimmerman, Jerry Sisko, Dominick Lepri, Doctor Krzywicki and Peter Kozloski.

70 years ago — 1946

Men’s Bible Class of Trucksville Methodist Church entertained their wives at their meeting last Monday evening. A delightful musical program featuring a marimba band from Kingston was enjoyed. Present were: Mr. and Mrs. James Gross, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Davis, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Dymond, Mr. and Mrs. William Hewett, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Lloyd, Mr. and Mrs. George Parry, Mr. and Mrs. Boice Long, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert DeWitt, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greenley, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Case, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Stookey, Mr. and Mrs. Byron Shortz, Rev. George Roberts, William Clewell, Jack Lewis and Asher Weiss.

Mrs. Howard Appleton of Shaver Avenue, Shavertown, entertained members of her bridge club at her home Wednesday afternoon. Present were Mrs. Z.R. Howell, Mrs. Willard Durbin, Mrs. Lewis Evans, Mrs. Howard Ide, Mrs. Frank Garris, Mrs. James Martin, Mrs. Cedric Griffith, Mrs. Burdette Crane and the hostess.

Compiled by Kim Rollman

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