Only Yesterday: Woman gives robbers the scare of their lives when they enter her Carverton Road home in 1956

For Dallas Post | December 29th, 2015 3:17 pm

For Dallas Post

20 years ago — 1996

Brownie Girl Scout Troop #929 recently held their annual investiture-rededication ceremony, in which the girls were also awarded the Try-Its they have earned so far this year. Troop members are: Gina Betcher, Kathleen Paley, Jamie Novitski, Samantha Marquart, Jackie Lowe, Rachel Symons, Devin Lacey, Eileen Reinert, Amy Yurchision, Nikki Gelso, Mary Balavage, Jennifer Mines, Julianna Malcolm, Lauryn Ference, Sarah Bozentka, Katie Fritzges, Danielle Mitkus, Janine Mitkus, Kathryn Semcheski, Allison Snyder, Marcie Kester, Erin Kovalick, Margo Johnson, Megan Johnson and Rachel Decker.

Cadet Girl Scout Troop #646, Dallas, recently completed the Red Cross Basic First Aid and CPR course. This was done as part of their Emergency Preparedness Interest Patch. Members of the troop are Nicole Sutton, Nicole Sabatura, Brynn Kovalick, Jennifer Raub, Margie Macri, Emily Fritz, Rae Ellen Zekas, Jill Karichner and Kim Fowler.

30 years ago — 1986

Daniel Corey Holdredge, son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Holdredge, Dallas, was recently awarded the Eagle Award, the highest award in Scouting. Dan is a member of Troop 281 of Dallas United Methodist Church. For his Eagle Scout project, Dan collected food for the Back Mountain Food Bank sponsored by the back Mountain Clergy Association.

The Nursery School students from Little People Day School, Dallas, recently visited McDonald’s to have breakfast with Santa and to receive a gift from him. Students attending the breakfast were: Amy Michael, Matthew Jacolik, Stefanie Simoncavage, Stephanie Newton, Jonathan Habrack, Eric Kavanaugh, Maureen Quigley, Elizabeth Stocker, Philip Amoroso, Joel Whipple, Glen Mackey, Michelle Lawler, Marcus Sowcik, Christopher Nattres and Matthew Barnard.

40 years ago — 1976

New Year’s Eve Dance was held at Gate of Heaven School auditorium. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Thompson were chairmen with parishioners from Fieldcrest manor assisting. Members of the committee were: Mr. and Mrs. James Dicton, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kalish, Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Fatheyar, and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Haley.

Wendy Weir, junior at Dallas Senior High School, left Tuesday morning for New York City, where she will study ballet at the Harkness School for Ballet Arts. Wendy, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Weir, Dallas, received a full scholarship to the school following an audition at the New York school last month.

50 years ago — 1966

Dallas High School won the Fifth Annual Wyoming Valley Invitational Tournament Wednesday, and star player Mike Wilkes was voted Most Valuable Player of the basketball season. Dallas’ winning game was against St. Mary’s of Wilkes-Barre, 88-69, with Wilkes making 44 points and Roy Supulski 18.

A rash of Blue Spruce thefts over the holidays has Dallas Township police guessing. One has been cut at the Harry A. Lebowitz property, Shrine Acres, three from the property of Dr. Marshall U. Rumbaugh, Upper Demunds Road, and one from the property of Mrs. Andrew M. Sholtis, Upper Demunds Road. Police are investigating. The crook knows his trees, in any case.

A case of young love and parental objection is believed responsible for the disappearance of a Shavertown girl from her home on Monday. Nancy Brown, 17, Ferguson Avenue, was driven to school by her father on Monday morning. She did not attend classes and was reported missing that evening by her father. The girl’s whereabouts were not known until Tuesday evening when Thomas Campbell, 18, Shavertown, notified police that he had found her. Campbell stated that he had come upon the missing girl on Tuesday morning, wet, cold, and crying in the woods behind Evergreen Cemetery. He took her to his home. The two young folks had been keeping company for some time – and Campbell had given her an engagement ring for Christmas.

60 years ago — 1956

Edward Girvan, 15 on Thursday, son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Girvan, Dallas, has had his poem, “Our Blessed Mother,” accepted for the National High School Poetry Anthology. Edward is a student at West Side Central catholic High School. He is the only Back Mountain student to be included in the anthology.

Mrs. Thomas Wright, Carverton Road, gave a pair of young masked robbers the scare of their lives Monday night when she ignored a revolver and stripped the mask from the leading bandit, who according to her description, had waltzed into the house with the grace of a ballet dancer. Not a bit excited, Mrs. Wright pushed aside the gun, and the robber was so nonplussed that he shielded his face with his elbows and got out of there fast, followed by his companion in crime. Mrs. Wright kept the mask as a souvenir.

70 years ago — 1946

A Pollyanna party was held by the women’s class of the Huntsville Christian Church last Thursday at the home of Mrs. H.J. Major. Gifts were exchanged, revealing last year’s Pollyannas. Refreshments were served and Pollyannas were again chosen for the coming year. Present were: Mrs. Marcus Ide, Mrs. Milton Perrego, Mrs. Bertha Jenkins, Mrs. Frances Culp, Miss Addie Elston, Mrs. A.N. Garinger, Mrs. John Roberts, Mrs. Ralph Frantz, Miss Mildred Major, Miss Elma Major, Mrs. Milton Culp, Mrs. Charles Elston, Miss Patricia Clark, Miss Mary Ellen Clark, and the hostess.

Trucksville Senior Girl Scouts recently enjoyed a Christmas party at the home of Barbara Metz. Before the party they sang carols at the home of neighbors and friends. Present were leader Celestine Fabian, assistant leader, Alice Holcomb, Claire McGuire, Dolly Fabian, Jeanne Johnson, Betty Smith, Betty Kerpovich, Peggy Williams, Gladys Parsons, Marie Johnson, Jane Richards and Barbara.

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